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  • Buying Off the Plan - Sunset Clauses

    Buyers often enter into a contract with a developer to buy real estate in a development which is yet to be built. This is known as “buying off the plan”.   What is a Sunset Clause? ...
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  • Serving a Statement of Claim in New South Wales

    Serving a Statement of Claim in New South Wales How long do I have to serve a Statement of Claim?   If you have commenced civil proceedings in New South Wales by filing a Statement of Claim, y ...
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  • Power of Attorney and Appointment of Enduring Guardian

    A Power of Attorney is a legal document allowing you appoint the person of your choice to manage your assets and financial affairs during the course of your lifetime. If you are travelling overseas ...
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  • District Court Severity Appeal

    The severity of a criminal sentence imposed by a NSW Local Court is able to be reviewed on appeal by a Judge of the District Court in New South Wales.   Any person who has been sentenced by a ...
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