Notary Public for Signing Property Documents for the USA

May 22, 2017

USA flagIf you are buying or selling property in the USA you will be asked to sign several documents, which are be required to witnessed before a notary public.

If you are currently in Australia and are unable to sign your documents in the USA, you can attend upon the USA Embassy in Canberra or consulates around Australian to have your documents notarised.

The USA embassy and consulates can only see you by appointment only and it is often difficult to book an appointment at short notice.

This can be a problem if your upcoming purchase or sale has strict deadlines. An Australian Notary Public can perform this function, in the place of an American embassy or consular official.

In Australia, only senior lawyers can practice as a Notary Public.

 Examples of the documents that we typically notarise include:

·   Seller’s affidavit

·   Quit claim deeds

·   Warranty deeds

·   Closing affidavits

·   Powers of Attorney

·   Mortgage documents.

·   Non-foreign certification by Entity Transfer

Most American States in respect of real property documents also require the notary’s seal and signature to be authenticated by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) with an Apostille Certificate before they can be deemed as legally effective in the USA.

In addition to our notary services, we also provide an Apostille service. Once your documents have been finalised, we can organise sending the originals back to the USA so you may complete your property transaction.

If you require more information or you wish to engage our notarial or Apostille services telephone us on 1300 171 898 or email us at