Australian Notary Services for UAE Attestation Companies

January 8, 2019

FCF9CBE9-D6D4-4801-B67F-0F2E7C86285EMany Australians gain employment or are recruited to work in Dubai or other Emirates in the UAE.

We are often approached by attestation companies based in the UAE to have degrees obtained in Australia notarised and legalised for acceptance in the UAE.

“UAE attestion companies” are businesses enagaged to assist employers with the complex paperwork required to recruit foreign workers.

University documents obtained in Australia must be verified and authenticated in Australia and this makes the service of an Australian Notary Public essential.

We also notarise criminal record checks & for families moving to the UAE, birth and marriage certificates.

Once our Australian notary has ensured the Australian documents are genuine they will affix their notarial seal and signature. For Educational and university documents, they must be verified, notarised and presented to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) whom will authenticate the seal and signature of our Notary.

The next step is to forward the document(s) to the UAE Embassy in Canberra (or Consulate in Melbourne) whom will verify the seal and signature of Notary Public and the DFAT authentication certificate.

The documents will then be accepted in the UAE.

To Summarise the process is:-

1. Verify and Notarise the Australian Document.
2. Authenticate the Notary’s seal and signature at DFAT in Australia.
3. Send the document to the UAE Embassy in Canberra for Attestation.
4. Provide the document to the UAE Ministry of Affairs for final acceptance.

Our Notary Public has assisted many UAE attestation companies by verifying Australian educational documents for recognition in the UAE. We frequently engage the services of efficient international couriers to ensure that documents get to the UAE as soon as possible.

Should you wish to utilise our affordable and fast notarial or legalisation services or you just need some advice contact us via our website and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible

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